Sunday, January 19, 2014

North Pole Breakfast

What better way to bring back your Elf on the Shelf then with a super festive North Pole breakfast.  This was our first year doing this and it has become a new tradition we will do year after year.  Not only were the kids so excited that Harry {our elf} was back but that he fixed them such a nice breakfast.  That elf has a lot of love to share, doesn't he?

At each of their place settings I had a little stuffed elf that I had picked up at the dollar store {my son got a boy elf} and the girls got the same cute little red elf.  I had printed out a blank Christmas printable and typed up a little note from Harry.  I taped together three candy canes to make a little 'place card holder'.  And each of them got a new pair of Christmas socks.  

For the food I kept it pretty simple.  Remembering that I had to prepare most of this stuff the night before because my kids get up as soon as the sun peeks through their windows!  And I didn't want any chance of them waking up and seeing me preparing anything.  How awkward would THAT have been?

This was the breakfast that was served.

For the "snowballs" they were just plain white powdered donuts.  For some reason, every store in my town was on a donut hole shortage and I had to settle for the regular donuts.  But not before driving myself insane trying to look for those darn donut holes! I made "Merry Strawberry Crunch" which was basically a fancy, festive way of saying strawberry yogurt with granola on top.  But I *ahem* Harry did serve it in champagne glasses.  For our "Not Candy, Candy Canes" they were just sliced bananas and strawberries arranged into a cane shape.  Pinterest it.  There was WAY easier ways to do this then what I did.  I was ready to smash this fruit trying to arrange it just right.  Little did I know that if you just slice them and cut the bottoms, they'll sit much nicer.  I found that out AFTER the fact.  Moving on.  For the main part of the breakfast I…HARRY made reindeer pancakes.  It's just two pancakes, one cut smaller than the other. Save the little leftover pieces from cutting the smaller one and use that to shape some ears.  Place the smaller pancake on top of the larger pancake.  Add two chocolate chips for eyes and I used two slices of turkey bacon for the antlers.  And a strawberry tip for the nose.  And for a drink I just served some chocolate milk topped with whipped cream.  Complete with a striped straw and a christmas straw topper.  Which by the way, I paid almost 4 dollars for the bag of straws in Target only to find out they have them in the dollar section at Target.  And they also now sell them in Wal-Mart by the baking supplies. What's with me finding things out after what I'm doing is over?!

Now those are some happy little kids. 

*I will be posting my 2014 North Pole Breakfast when it's complete.
Check back and keep a look out for that.  I'll be offering some free printablse for this year as well.


  1. It looks like you and your kids have a lot of fun together!! I wish I had the energy to pull it all off with mine more often!

    1. We always have a ball. Sometimes I don't have the energy to do all of this either, I'm a mom of 4. But I figure, Christmas time is only once a year, I try and make it as special as I can :)