Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Ice Cream Sundae Bar Printables

Ice cream is a favorite in our family.  Even though we can all eat heaps of it on a daily basis, it's pretty rare we ever have it.

This time, I wanted to make a special night for my kids by making a delicious dinner they love, watch a movie together, and create an ice cream sundae bar.  I'd say it was a complete success.

An ice cream sundae bar is one of the easiest things to create, and can guarantee that everyone will love it.  Just pick out your family's favorite toppings and everyone can enjoy their own little ice cream creation.

To go along with the sundae bar, I made some cute and festive labels and thought I'd share them with you.  You can download them below, cut them out, and enjoy them at your next sundae bar!

For our ice cream bar, I just picked up a few of these square glass jars from my local dollar store and used plastic spoons for "scoops".

For the labels, I just simply taped a popsicle stick to the back of each label and stuck them into the toppings.  Can't get any easier than that, right?

I've had these adorable ice cream sundae cups since I first got married.  And surprisingly, they've held up all these years, and with all these kids!

For the other toppings, I simply taped the labels onto the glass jars and wrapped the whipped cream container in scrapbook paper and placed the label on top of it.

It's such an easy and inexpensive way to bring a little joy to your kids and let them get creative with their dessert.  And getting to make your own gooey and delicious sundae for yourself doesn't hurt either.


The printables include 9 popular toppings and I've also included a blank label sheet incase I missed any of your family's favorite toppings :)

You can download the labels HERE

You can download the blank labels HERE

You can download the sundae bar sign HERE


  1. Hi Tina!! I'm doing a post on my blog about 10 DIY parties for kids, I love your printables (one of my parties is an ice cream parlor) --I'd LOVE to feature your printables on my site. message me at marilyn@thepolkadotlane.com if you are interested in being featured. Thanks!

  2. I used this for a mixer at work, thank you soo much!

  3. Hi- Can you tell me what font you used for the labels? I'd like to use the same for the blank labels. Thanks!! :)

  4. Can't thank you enough! These are saving my daughter's birthday <3

    1. So happy to hear that! Hope she had an amazing birthday! :)