Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Valentine's Day Heart Attack Tradition

I had seen this idea on Pinterest and I immediately fell in love with it.  The idea is to write what you love about someone on a heart and place them around your home.  Well I knew I had to do this for Valentine's day so I got to work.

A week ahead of time, there I sat on my bed folding construction paper in half and cutting out different sized hearts.  There was no fancy cutter, printables, or anything of the sort.  Just good ol' paper, a sharpie marker, and scissors.   I sat there and thought about what I loved so much about each one of my kids.  Before I knew it, the pile of hearts had grown gigantic.  On every single heart I wrote "{child's name}, I love you because….and then listed a reason.  I even threw in some ones that were signed "From, Dad" to let them know that I wasn't the only one that found them to be amazing kiddos!  The pile grew even larger, as well as my smiles.

The night before Valentine's Day I was setting up my dining room for breakfast the next day.  I decided to tape them all over the walls.  Little did I know that there was just too many to fit.  So I started thinking about where they go each morning and I started to disperse them around my house.  I posted them in the bathroom, in the hallways, on the front door, and I even left one on each of their car seats so when they got into the car for school, the fun wasn't over quite yet.

I loved the idea so much that I had to "heart attack" the hubby's truck.  I'll spare you the picture of THAT horrendous mess. ( He really needs me to get in there and place some baskets around and organize ).

Each of my hearts were different.  Some misshapen, some round, some pointy…and some that didn't even really resemble a heart.  But my kids didn't care about that.  They admired the words on them.  They smiled when I read them.  Their little faces glowed as I named reasons of why they were so fantastic to me.  And not only did that little pile of hearts grow and grow with so many reasons, but my heart grew as well.  It's pure love.  I know that's what they felt.  And I will cut out little paper hearts till my fingers fall off just so maybe they could see how perfect and wonderful they are when seen through my eyes.

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