Monday, June 30, 2014

How To Paint Thrift Store/Garage Sale Finds { From Drab To Fab }

When I discovered that I could paint thrift store finds I was ecstatic.  Like, 'put-on-some-tap-shoes-and-do-a-little-dance' type of excited.  If I would have known this sooner, I wouldn't have passed up so many good finds that just weren't the right color.  Or even some that were so cute but had horrific colors, patterns, or had some scratches or damage.  But the best part about doing a "thrift store makeover" is that you only need one type of paint and it takes only a few minutes.  Just makes ya wanna sing, doesn't it?? Go ahead, I won't tell.

For this project you'll need:

  • Thrift store and/or garage sale finds ( I'm a "state the obvious" type of person )
  • Rust-Oleum Universal Spray Paint in the color Gloss White (can use any color, actually)
I started by wiping down all my vases with a mix of vinegar and water.  Make sure your finds are all free of dirt and dust.

Here's what the paint looks like:

These were the vases I had purchased at my local thrift store.  The tall bud vase I actually got for .49.  Seriously?  I could look under the seats of my car and buy a million!

I just gave everything two thin coats of paint, letting the coats dry for a few hours in between.  I sprayed them about 3-4 inches away so there wouldn't be any runs. I sprayed one thin coat on the inside too.  Easy peasy!

And that's it!  Takes no time at all and gives new life to otherwise boring old decor.

I even painted this little owl that was .99 at a garage sale.  

Poor little guy was sitting there all alone.  No one wanted him because he was quite the ugly duckling!  But with a fresh coat of paint, he's one of my favorite little decor pieces!  See?  Our mothers were right! Never judge a book by it's cover. Here he is with his new makeover:

Dapper, isn't he?

I'll always be on the lookout for things that I could change up and make new with a few coats of paint and a whole lot of imagination.

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