Monday, June 9, 2014

Two Toned Dresser Makeover

If you read my post where I re-did a nightstand for my daughter's room, I told you that I'd be posting about the matching dresser.  I was so excited to find this set for $50 from a local trading site.  The furniture was not only great quality, but the size alone was worth the money. And I loved all the drawers for extra storage.

This was the dresser before:

I wouldn't say it was in horrible condition, but definitely needed some work.  Like the nightstand, it had these weird holes in the drawer fronts that I could only describe as snake bites.  I know, am I being serious with that comparison?  But it's the only thing I could think of to describe it.  They were these tiny little clusters of holes.  I've seen a lot of beat up furniture in my time, but never saw anything like this.  Anyway, moving on…

It had some deep scratches on the top surface and a few knicks here and there.  Nothing a coat of paint couldn't fix.

Because I pretty much already posted a tutorial on how I re-did the nightstand (which you can find HERE ) I'll keep this pretty short and sweet. 

 First things first, I removed the drawers and using Elmer's Wood Filler, I filled in any gashes, holes, and scratches.

I used 100 grit sandpaper to smooth all the wood filler down, and make everything nice and smooth.

Using a 4" foam roller, I used Zinnser Cover Stain Primer and applied two coats, letting them dry for 2 hours in between.

I gave the dresser and drawers two coats of paint.  I used Behr's Popped Corn.

And the middle of the drawers received two coats of paint as well with Behr's Musical Mist, which is a very light pink.

I replaced the hardware with these beautiful crystal like knobs that I had purchased at Home Depot.  It was sort of a splurge but it was exactly the look I was going for.

I put all the drawers back in, gave the top of the dresser two coats of Minwax Polycrylic for extra durability, and it was ready to go into my daughter's room!

Sorry about the shadows in the picture, but her bed was blocking all that beautiful sunshine.

Still looking for some new decor to top her dressers, but what I have does the job for now :)

Here's a little before and after action for ya:

I am thrilled with the way it turned out and I am loving the fact that I could transform anything into something beautiful with a few coats of paint and my imagination :)

OH ..and my little tip of the day for you:
Always pay attention to what type of paint and primer you're using before trying to be cheap smart and wash out your rollers and brushes…..

I used an oil based primer and attempted to wash the roller with water.
It looked like I had some type of incurable disease on my hands for about 3 days.  ( and THIS is why I don't wear any type of jewelry when I paint ).


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