Friday, October 31, 2014

Monster Munchies With Free Bag Topper Printable

Every year I try and create a fun Halloween themed lunch for my kids at school.  I THINK I might enjoy making it more than they enjoy opening their lunch boxes.  But I know eventually these day will come to an end.  One day they'll be buying lunch with their friends or just be too old and too embarrassed for these fun little lunches.  So I try and suck up every moment of their childhood as much as I can and do as much possible with the short amount of time I'm given.

This year I went with a monster theme and created a 'Monster Munchies' snack mix for them.  The snack mix included:

-Goblin Teeth : Candy Corn
-Bat Droppings: Chocolate Cereal Pieces
-Ghost Poop: Mini Marshmallows
-Zombie Eyes: Fruit Snacks

You just mix all the ingredient in a sandwich bag and I used double sided sticky tape to apply the topper.  It makes a really fun snack!

I made a printable to top the bag, which you can find HERE for free.  Just print it out on some cardstock paper, fold in half, and top your sandwich bag.  It's that easy!

    Download the 'Monster Munchies" Free Printable


For the rest of their lunch, I kept it pretty simple this year.  To be honest, this week being Red Ribbon Week at school, everyday brought a new activity and something they had to participate in.  I was exhausted after waking up early every day making sure their hair was crazy enough, their socks were crazy enough, and their clothes were inside out.  I had snacks to bring in for Halloween parties at school and then the week ended with Halloween.  I'm exhausted typing this.  Excuse me while I go take a nap ....

For the lunches I included:

-Mandarin Oranges (which I drew a jack-o-lantern face on it to "spookify" it.) Made up word? Okay, then!
-Orange Scream Yogurt
-Monster Munchies
-Sunny Delight (Halloween Edition)
-1 Piece of Candy
-Monster themed sandwich (peanut butter and honey for my son and cream cheese and jelly for my daughter)  Could they be anymore opposite?

Look at these sandwiches?  Aren't they adorable?  And they're super easy to make. Normally I would drive myself crazy cutting out shapes, using cookie cutters and all different things to make eyeballs or scary teeth.  This year I wrapped the sandwiches and simply glued on some eyes, drew on the features with a marker, and taped on some pipe cleaner.  Saved me a ton of time rather than cutting out small pieces of olives to make some hair!

And there ya have it.  My spooky lunches for my little monsters.  Takes little time to prepare and I did everything the night before.  You don't have to take hours to do something special for your kids.  Just a little extra time goes a long way.  And they'll remember these times forever.

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