Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Elf on the Shelf Ideas: 25+ Days of Elf Shenanigans

As promised, I'm bringing you all more of my elf on the shelf ideas.

These were from this past christmas, and again, I had a ball prepping and setting up this little guy.

Lets jump right into it.

Day 1: He brought our annual North Pole Breakfast.  (You can read about it HERE)

Day 2: Someone got himself stuck in a glass.

Day 3: Keeping warm in the fridge.

Day 4: I'm pretty sure he's got all 4 Elf food groups covered.

Day 5: I think he's a tad confused on how the rainbow loom works.

Day 6:  Sneaking some cookies.

Day 7:  Cozy by the "fireplace".

Day 8:  Guess he made some friends.

Day 9:  Time for some christmas egg doodling.

Day 10:  Maybe he's really gotta go?

Day 12:  He's dreaming of a warm christmas.

Day 13: He may be rushing things a bit ...

Day 14:  Hiding in the ornaments.

Day 15:  Ziplining.  It's on every elf's bucket list.

Day 16:  All about portion control.

Day 17: Popcorn roasting on an open fire.

Day 18:  Climbing up the chandelier.

Day 19: A relaxing marshmallow bath.

Day 20:  Feeding his friends.

Day 21:   Someone was a tad thirsty.

Day 22:  Hiding in the presents.

Day 23:  He hung his own stocking.

Day 24:  Reading to his friends.

Day 25:  Just hangin' around.

Day 26:  He can win a spelling bee for sure.

Day 27:  He's North Pole bound.  All packed up and ready to leave.

Hope this gives you some inspiration for the upcoming year!

And I hope everyone had the very merriest of Christmases and you're enjoying the new year!

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