Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Easy Sweet and Salty Christmas Bark

I was so excited this year to try my hand at making a new yummy Christmas treat.

I've never attempted to make candy or any type of bark, so I was curious to see how this would taste or how difficult it would be to make.

This is probably one of the easiest things I've ever made and is a HUGE hit with my kids.  Chocolate, candy, pretzels, peanuts?  What's not to love?

This is the perfect treat to make and wrap up with some cute holiday plastic wrap and tie it all together with a cute ribbon.  It makes a great gift!  And any leftovers you don't give away, well...ya know.

This is probably why I've gained 3 pounds so far.

*I have no exact measurements for the "toppings" of the bark because I just put what I thought looked good.*


  • 3 cups semi sweet chocolate chips ( around 1 1/2 bags)
  • 1 tsp. oil
  • Pretzel sticks, broken into pieces
  • Red and green candies (I used M&M's)
  • Honey roasted peanuts
  • Sprinkles


-Line a cookie sheet with foil.

- Place toppings in separate bowls for easy access.

-Heat chocolate chips in a microwave safe bowl for 1 minute intervals, stirring in between.  (My microwave took 2 1/2 minutes to melt the chocolate.)

-When chocolate is fully melted, stir in the tsp. of oil.

-Pour chocolate onto the lined cookie sheet.

-Sprinkle with toppings.  Press lightly into chocolate as you go.

-Refrigerate for 1-2 hours or until firm.

-Remove the chocolate from foil, break into pieces, and enjoy!

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