Monday, January 13, 2014

Grinch Dinner

Who doesn't love the Grinch?  This dinner was so easy to make and I kept it pretty simple.  

For the table setting I picked up a tablecloth from my local Dollar Tree. Along with the red paper plates and green disposable napkins.  For the "centerpiece" I simply placed the stuffed Grinch I had bought for my son a few years back, printed out a few Grinch printables, and The Grinch movie.  What good is a delicious Grinch themed dinner without finishing up the night by watching the movie?  

For a little extra special something on each of their place settings, I placed candy canes in the shape of a heart next to "Grinch pills" I had made.  I just printed out the Grinch pills printable, cut out green construction paper from a tic tac container template I had found online, and hot glued the printable onto the front of the paper. Then I hot glued the green paper onto the tic tac container. Easy right?

I also rimmed their glasses with Christmas sprinkles. I had read to use chocolate syrup to do this, but I thought that would be pretty disgusting since I was serving punch.  So instead I went for a glass rim dipped in honey and then into the sprinkles. Big Giant mistake! The honey started running all down the glasses and it was a disaster. I need to figure out a different way to do this, that's for sure.

For the Grinch dinner my menu included:

Roast Beast - (a whole roasted chicken)
Grinch Punch- ( green sherbet & sprite)
Who hash- ( I used a copycat recipe of a hash brown casserole from Cracker Barrel)
Grinch Hats- ( insert a toothpick into a green grape, a banana slice, a strawberry that has the leaf cut off, and then a small marshmallow.)
Who Pudding- basically just rice pudding with red and green candies on top)
I made a few cute labels, glued them onto red construction paper and that's it!

Who could possibly be "grinchy" with this kind of meal?  Well, maybe me.. a little bit..when I had to clean it all up by myself.  


  1. When doing fun drinks like this I rub the rim with a little bit of Marshmallow Fluff and then dip in sprinkles! It holds up really well and tastes yummy too.

    1. That's brilliant! Thanks for the tip. I will def. use that idea next time!

  2. All the food ideas sound perfect! If I can't this year definitely next! I have to see how much my newborn will let me get done!

    1. I kept it fairly simple. You can make it even easier by using just plain pudding and christmas M&M candies for the Who Pudding. And Who Hash could always be some shredded hash browns. It should be about making memories, not work for yourself. Hoping you find some time this year :) Happy Holidays!