Monday, January 13, 2014

Reindeer Food Bar

I've been doing this for years.  Every Christmas Eve night, the kids make a jar of reindeer food to sprinkle out in the yard before bed.  How else would the reindeer find our house without some delicious and sparkly food?  I admit, the ingredients used can totally attract bugs, so try and do it away from your house.  You don't want to wake up Christmas morning to some weird little critters all around.  

The kids can put in as much or as little of each ingredient as their little hearts desire.  It's their own customized jar of food that they made especially for the reindeer.  

What you'll need:
* 5 plastic containers
* oats
* cocoa powder
* bread crumbs
* raisins
* baking powder
* bottle of red glitter
* mason jar or baggies
* hot glue gun
food printable

Fill each container with a different ingredient. Tape the printables to the containers.  Add a spoon or measuring cup to each one.  

I used a mason jar and hot glued the printable to each jar.  I added some cute gingham cloth and ribbon to the top to make it a little cuter. If you don't have mason jars a simple ziploc baggie would do the trick as well.  Just tape or glue the printables to the bag.  

If it weren't for those cute little reindeer, Santa wouldn't be able to make it to our house!  It's important to treat those little guys right!  And this was the perfect way!

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