Monday, January 13, 2014

New Year's Eve Tree

I had taken off all of my Christmas ornaments from our tree and just left our lights on.  I went to the dollar store and loaded up on horns, crepe paper, sparkly ribbons, those annoying things that you blow into and it makes a sound like an air horn ( I forgot the name ),  and glitter masks. I actually might have cleared the shelves. Not going to lie.  I used all the party supplies for "ornaments" and used different colored crepe paper for our "garland". I topped it off with a New Year's Eve hat.  It was an inexpensive way to change up our tree and super festive!  When I took it all off, I put them in a box and stored them away for next year. Cute, right?

The balloons underneath the tree were left over from the balloon drop the hubby and I made. (you can find that here).  I went WAY too crazy with the balloons and actually thought 6 bags of balloons would fit into two tablecloths.  Man, was I SO wrong.  I had balloons everywhere.  Around my tree, stuffed into the bottoms of my end tables, hanging from walls, and anywhere else that had an empty space.  I obviously didn't think of the clean up with this process. 

But I thought this was a great way to celebrate the new year with christmas decor most of us leave up until January.   It's festive, fun, and a really easy way to ring in the new year without breaking the bank!

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