Monday, January 13, 2014

NYE Balloon Drop

Things you'll need:
packs of balloons
dollar store table cloth

Before my husband got up I opened up 6 packs of balloons, dumped them on the floor, and stared at this horrific pile of brightly colored bags.  I knew I would either not get them all blown up or pass out trying.  After getting through about 2 bags and having red lines around my fingers from tying them I knew it was time for a new plan.  That's when the husband came out and took them out to the garage and used his handy air compresser to blow them up.  The kids came in one by one throwing balloons into the already large pile.  I just sat there in awe.  What did I do?  I realized I really need to start using better judgement and not throw things into my shopping cart thinking it won't be enough.  It will ALWAYS be enough.  I will make it enough!  

My husband, after making his way through the balloon maze with his ladder, then started to tack up my tablecloths to the ceiling.  I had punched a few holes in the tablecloths and ran some fishing string through it and wrapped the string around the tacks leaving a long piece hanging from the sides.  I attached one of those little horns to the end of the string so we would have something to pull on and all the balloons would come flying down.   I bought one square tablecloth and one round one by accident.  I actually found that the round tablecloth worked much better and held a lot more balloons.  

After loading all the balloons in (and having tiny little heart attacks as some of the balloons would come out of each side as my hubby put a new one in), we were done.  

After the night was over I had the kids take a sharp pencil and pop those suckers.  There were way too many around.  After all the balloons were popped, my genius mother-in-law told me to use a broom to sweep all the pieces into one pile.  I would have never thought to sweep them because I have carpet and…well, I don't sweep my carpet!  

How awesome is that?  Having your kids up at 12:00 in the morning has never been so fun!

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