Monday, February 3, 2014

Valentine's Day Coupon Book

Every year has usually been the same.  Stuffed animals, candy, and toys.  But this year I decided to make a coupon book for the little ones.  They're at the age now where they can appreciate something like this and I knew they would love the ideas that I put in them.  And it encourages family time and kindness.  How could you go wrong with that?  This gift is so simple to put together.  It's a matter of print, cut, and staple.  Done! That's just a major win right there.

The coupons included are:
-Coupon cover 
-Staying up 30 minutes past bedtime
-Night out for ice cream sundaes
-Mom cleans your room (one time, only!)
-One free hug from each family member
-Friday night game night (their choice)
-One video game rental
-A trip out alone with Dad

Supplies Needed:
- The first coupon printable {CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD}
- The second coupon printable {CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD}
- Scissors (or paper cutter)
- Stapler

1: Download and print out the coupon book printables above.  (I highly suggest you use card stock paper to print these out.)

2. Cut along the black lines.  For this you can use a paper cutter for straighter lines or plain ol' scissors work just fine.

3. Staple all the coupons together in whichever order you prefer. 

4. Stand back and look at the adorable little gift you made for your kids in a matter of minutes.  See? Now wasn't that easy?

There's always the option to use a hole puncher and tie with ribbon if you don't want to staple them together.  You can change it up whichever way you like and what you think is cuter.  The options are endless.

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