Monday, March 17, 2014

Kids St. Patrick's Day Lunch

Well another holiday is here, which means that I was ready to go to make a festive little lunch for my kids.  Although I really don't consider St. Patrick's Day a holiday per say, I still try and make these kind of days a little more special than the rest. And just because we're not Irish doesn't mean we can't celebrate with the best of 'em!

This is a really simple lunch that doesn't take much time at all to put together.  Which was perfect considering I had piles of laundry waiting to be folded and put away and my husband magically disappeared as soon as the laundry basket hit the bed.

The sandwich took a lot of bread.  It took 6 slices, which is absurd considering that I had to make two of these little clovers!  But I really couldn't think of anything else St. Patty's Day-ish to make.  I just cut out 6 hearts, smeared some good 'ol peanut butter and honey on them, and sandwiched them together.  And took a left over piece of bread and cut out a rectangular shape to make the stem.

I sliced up some cucumbers and just placed them inside a little container.  And also added two orange pixie sticks.  If my kid's teachers are reading this, I do apologize for that.  But I didn't have many colors to work with and needed something orange.  So sorry.  Good luck keeping them still.

For the cheese stick leprechaun, I just cut out the hat and a little orange beard and taped them on.  I hot glued the little yellow piece of paper to the back of the hat and then hot glued a four leaf clover I had cut out from some construction paper.  That was probably the most annoying thing I have tried to do this week.  AND it doesn't even really look like a clover.   There are far too many little leaves.  But you might not have even noticed if I didn't mention it.  Okay, quit looking at it!

I put some lucky charms into a baggie and stapled a bag topper I had made to the top of it.  You can download that HERE.  Easy peasy!

For the juice box, I simply covered it in some green construction paper, and then cut out some black construction paper and taped that around the juice box.  I cut out a yellow buckle and taped that to the front.  Done.

You don't have to spend a lot of time to make a special holiday lunch for your kids.  And things don't have to be perfect.  (I'm still trying to learn that).  I just do the best I can and work with the amount of talent the good Lord gave to me.  And so be it if my clover has a few extra leaves.  Maybe that means my kids will be extra lucky.  No? well,..I tried.

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