Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Grocery Shopping Printable To Keep The Little Ones Busy

The dreaded task that we all have to do.  Grocery shopping.  Just the words are like nails on a chalkboard to me.  I don't mind when I only have to get a few things.  But when I have a list as long as the River Nile now it's a problem.  So I made this simple list for my kids.  It's pretty much things we buy on a regular basis.  Whatever I don't need to buy that week that is on the list, I just check it off before we go and they know that's something we don't need this time.  If you'd like to download the free printable, click HERE

The list is easy enough to read for the older kids, yet simple enough for my littlest one to just look at the pictures.  They had such a good time finding all the things they needed on their list and it kept them busy enough where I didn't have to repeat "get in back of me when I walk, please" or "hey, get over here and let that lady pass".

Just print it out, stick it in a laminate sleeve, give your kiddos a dry erase maker and let them check off what they found.  Plus, putting it in a laminate sleeve lets you use it over and over again without printing new paper every time you need to go shopping.  Just wipe it clean.  I keep them in my car and they'll be ready for the next time we go grocery shopping.

It's a simple thing that makes things a little more enjoyable when whatever I'm doing isn't exactly an exciting process.  Yes, grocery shopping is boring,  Yes, it's annoying.  And yes, it isn't something I enjoy that much but when I can get my kids involved in the little things and make something a little more fun, we all have a better time.  Plus, this little list could have kept my kids out of YOUR way.  You're welcome :)

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