Sunday, February 23, 2014

Junk Drawer Organization

I'm going to assume right now that everyone has a junk drawer.  A small (or large) drawer in your kitchen that collects miscellaneous items throughout the weeks.  Ours was starting to get way too overcrowded with things and I knew I needed this space to be more organized.  So again, I wanted to do it cheaply and easily.  So that's just what I did.


Here's what I started with.  Scary, right?

We pretty much had a little bit of everything in here.  Not only the basic stuff like batteries, tape, and scissors.  We also had random things like receipts, broken pieces from headphones, and other crazy stuff I found after emptying the drawer.  It wasn't my proudest moment, that's for sure.

So I needed to start by taking everything out of the drawer.  I needed to put things back where they belonged.  Most of the stuff was put back into my craft boxes, medicine was put back into the bathroom,  and everything else relocated back to their original spots.  

I wiped the drawer down (I was surprised how many pencil shavings my kids actually didn't catch in the pencil sharpener). I lined the drawer with some non-slip shelf liner. 

I put some inexpensive dividers in the drawer which I purchased at Wal-Mart.  They're about $1.25 for a 2-3 pack depending on the size.  

I divided up the containers.  Batteries on the bottom left corner, the stuff I need to pay my bills on the right lower corner, pens and a notepad in the middle, and screwdrivers and lighters in the top left corner.  The middle top container holds tape, scissors, white out, and all those misc. stationary items, and the top right container holds our health items like vitamins, mints, extra medicine droppers and gum.

I labeled each container this way the kids know where everything is (and more importantly where everything goes when they're done using it).  


And there you have it.  A nicely organized junk drawer for very little money out of your wallet.  What can be better?

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