Monday, February 24, 2014

Valentine's Day Breakfast

I live for the holidays.  All of them.  Big or small.  And I grab every opportunity to the make the best out of them for my kids.  Whether it be festive food, handmade gifts, or going all out.  No detail is too big or too small for me.  I know my kids don't care if they have their names on a place card or if they have handmade gift tags. But I care.  And it's the little things that I can do for my kids that make me happy.

This Valentine's day I decided to make a special breakfast (along with a special lunch, dinner, and dessert) for them.  I knew it had to be simple, quick (because they had school) and covered in hearts!  What's Valentine's Day without hearts?!

The night before, I prepared the main part of the breakfast which was the heart shaped pancakes.  You can see how I made these HERE.  I wrapped them in plastic and stuck them in the refrigerator this way all I had to do in the morning was heat them up in the microwave without having a gigantic mess to clean before getting the kids off to school.

I served these with some strawberries and whipped cream.

 For the drinks I made some strawberry flavored milk and stuffed in a few large marshmallows and topped it with whipped cream and sprinkles.  Super easy and the kids loved it!

So now that we had the menu all set, I decorated the table the night before.  I wanted everything to be pretty much set so this way the kids can wake up to a festive little breakfast.

On the table, I just had a simple printable put into a frame.  ( You can download that HERE if you'd like. )  A place card with their names ( DOWNLOAD HERE ) and I just filled a votive holder with some festive sprinkles, topped it with a tea light candle and you have an inexpensive little Valentine's Day decoration for your table.  Easy peasy, right?

And look who stopped by for a quick visit…..

At each of their place settings I put a new stuffed animal (because they don't have enough of THOSE), a marshmallow pop, the place card, their hershey kiss bags with the owl toppers ( DOWNLOAD HERE ) and their love coupon book that I had made them.  ( You can also download that HERE ).

For my centerpiece, I just used some beautiful tulips my brother had bought me the day before for my birthday.  They were perfect and tied everything together so well.

 Aren't they so pretty?

If you look in the background of these pictures, you'll notice that I have a million hearts all over my walls.  And that's because I did the "heart attack" tradition. Where you tell your kids everything you love about them.   If you'd like to see how that's done, CLICK HERE.

And that's it.  So simple yet it means so much to my kids.  I saw it in their eyes how loved they felt.  And that's worth all the effort in the world to me.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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